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Miles Furnell

Miles Furnell

Engage. Inspire. Influence.

Hi. I'm Miles.  I believe that stories have the power to change the world. As a corporate communications scriptwriter I'm passionate about understanding what makes humans tick and devising creative solutions designed to motivate behavioural transformation. 

Celebrating 3 decades of
engaging, inspirational & influential video scripts for
the world's biggest brands

Films for global brands

What I do

I write video scripts, creative proposals, website and brochure copy, and how-to blog articles for agencies and organisations who want to engage, inspire and influence an audience. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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In 2016 I made a discovery that changed my life and helped me to understand and retrain my brain using what I call mindFRAMEs - life hacks to declutter your mind, and mind hacks to declutter your life. 

Latest Posts  

"Miles is one of the best scriptwriters around. He is insightful and challenging and has helped us develop some of our very best work."

Pete Stevenson,
Executive Director, The Edge Picture co.

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