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In a career spanning almost 30 years, I've written more than 450 films for some of the world's largest organisations and am proud to be recognised as one of the business communications industry's leading script writers.


The films I write range from hard-hitting drama to heart-warming comedy, and from factual documentary to animated fantasy, and have picked up more than 80 international awards, including 3 Grand Prix, 13 Best Script Awards plus numerous others at London's EVCOM Awards, The New York Film Festival, Chicago's US International Film Festivals and The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.


I believe that this success is down to the way I approach projects, with a combination of creativity and commercial awareness. The script is only the starting point, but it's the vital ingredient in delivering engaging films which really work!


I believe that if you can entertain people then you have a much better chance of getting your messages to stick, and I think my particular skill is in creating strong stories that people can relate to, with memorable characters and sharp, credible dialogue.


For me, the secret is in not trying hard to deliver a message, but in trying hard to deliver a good story. Get that right and the message takes care of itself.

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