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The motive and the cue for action in 5 easy steps

Finding the motivation to get stuff done can be really hard sometimes, so here are 5 steps that can help. Remember the acronym MAGIC SPELL, which stands for:

1. Mental Stimulus

2. Action Patterns

3. Gradual Evolution

4. Intentional Lifestyle

5. Conscientious Leadership

Mental Stimulus

We do things for one of two reasons; either because we want to or because we have to, so the key to getting beyond resistance lies in focusing on why we want to do something rather than on why we have to. Virtually everything we do has both positive and negative aspects to it, so instead of thinking about what's difficult or unpleasant about an activity, focus on the upsides and the way you'll feel having completed it.

Action Patterns

The brain's core job is to automate strategic responses to situations so as to conserve cognitive energy. The more consistent and repetitive we are in our actions the easier tasks become. This is why habits, good and bad, play such a big part in life. Develop a routine that involves doing the same thing at the same time each day and stick to it. If you skip once, try not to skip twice.

Gradual Evolution

Rome wasn't build in a day. Big results come from the accumulation of small actions built up over time, so break goals down into smaller tasks and smaller goals. It's not possible to lose weight, write a book, or create a successful business, but it is possible to eat healthily and exercise, write a few pages or do today's tasks. The small wins mount up and one day you reach the goal, but you only ever get there by doing what needs to be done today, every day.

Intentional Lifestyle

How much of what we do each day is a consequence of a deliberate decision, taken with the specific intention of moving towards the life we want? Living intentionally is about being mindful of our actions and questioning the wisdom of our choices, and is the key to a happy, healthy life.

Conscientious Leadership

The reason most people don't achieve goals is because they don't actually have any. While we all want to be healthy, wealthy and happy, very few of us are actually working on a project to turn the life we dream of into a reality. But if your goals are purely selfish, very few people will support you, whereas if your vision is about making the world a better place, others will get on board and help you.

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