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5 Lessons for surviving TOUGH TIMES

Updated: Mar 14

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Here's a mindFRAME for surviving in business during tough times like the cost of living crisis and other setbacks.

The mindFRAME's acronym is TOUGH TIMES, which stands for:

1. Think Twice

2. Own the Injustice

3. Use the Misfortune

4. Give Everything

5. Help Someone

Think Twice

This is about staying mindful and keeping things in perspective. Things are rarely as bad or as good as we think they are. There are many people - perhaps a majority - who are in a worse position than you right now. That doesn't mean that what you're going through isn't distressing, just that it's not the end of the world, and you're probably going to be okay.

Own the Injustice

Life's not fair, so get over it. Don't waste time looking for someone or something to blame because the list is probably endless and it won't make any difference. No one is coming to save you so take responsibility and get on with solving it.

Use the Misfortune

Even if it's simply using this low point as a frame of reference in your story, every setback brings with it an opportunity, so try to use the situation to your advantage.

Give Everything

Winners become winners because they keep getting up every time they get knocked down and they're prepared to do the work that others won't. If you're not prepared to make sacrifices to achieve your goals then your goals are just dreams, not projects.

Help Someone

People don't like sales people or being sold to, so stop selling and start serving. Your customers only care about what you do or how great you are at it once they want you to help them, so focus on them and their problem and go all out to help them solve it, regardless of whether you make a sale or not.

Doing these things won't necessarily guarantee you survival, but it should at least give you a fighting chance.

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