the grim reaper - army (ceso)

Survive the streets of Baghdad, die on the streets of Bolton. Young soldiers returning from warzones are much more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than civilians. This film, which uses dark humour to deliver its message, aims to give its audience a wake up call.

Produced by: The Edge Picture Company

Writer: Miles Furnell

Director: Steve Bookbinder


2008 IVCA Awards - Grand Prix

2008 IVCA Awards - Gold - Best Script

2008 IVCA Awards - Gold - Health & Safety

2008 IVCA Awards - Gold - Motivational Training

2008 New York Festivals - Gold - Security / Safety

Judges citation

"This year's Grand Prix winner has numerous outstanding qualities...

But above all it had a clear and powerful concept that brought all the elements together. script, style and technique meshed seamlessly to create a memorable and effective piece of work."

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